Whole Life Leadership™ Coaching Program

  • Are you a quiet leader who is up to big things in this world?

  • Do you want to bring the kind of success you have seen in your work into all areas of your life?

  • Are you someone who knows the idea of work life balance is b*&% and looking for work life integration?

  • Do you feel pressured to go against your authentic self to get recognized?

If any of those sound like you then this 12-week coaching program is for you.

The Whole Life Leadership™ approach takes the stand that we are leaders of our own lives, which means, title or not, we have the capacity and responsibility to lead in every area of our life, not just the ones we have a title in. By taking a leadership approach to our lives we are able to create masterpieces that bring us wins in all of the most meaningful ways.

What will you do in this program?

  • Discover what is most important to you, your values.

  • Learn how you can lead with impact and influence.

  • Find your flow by working through your strengths.

  • Create an actionable Whole Life Leadership™ Blueprint to guide you towards those big wins you are out to create in every area of your life.

What’s included?

  • 10 x 1 hour coaching sessions

  • An experienced and certified coach in your corner every step of the way

  • Whole Life Leadership™ workbook

  • Application exercises in-between each session

  • Google Drive File with additional readings and resources

  • Personalized VIA Character Strengths report and strengths based leadership plan

  • Life long access to to the Whole Life Leadership closed Facebook group where you will be updated with ongoing resources and a network of fellow Whole Life Leaders

This program is a live group coaching calls over Zoom (video conferencing) with a carefully selected group of other quiet leaders and requires a dedication and commitment to the work both in the coaching sessions and in-between the sessions. Anyone in this program must be ready to do the work as that is where the real wins occur.


One on One Program – $1000 a month for 3 months

Group Programs 3-8 participants - $500pp a month for three months