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Kira Lynne

Life Coach - Counsellor - Author

Faris has such an easy to digest way of showing you how to maximize on your personality type. Before I worked with him, I didn’t understand how important it is to know the differences between introverts and extroverts. Now it has significantly improved my ability to understand others and communicate more effectively in my business and personal life. As a coach, he’s brilliant and an incredible listener that makes his whole process engaging and light-hearted. I highly recommend Faris’s coaching and workshops to anyone because he offers powerful insights that apply to all of us.



I truly enjoy working with Faris as my quiet leadership coach! He has helped me tremendously in terms of marketing, branding and growing my business. Being an introvert myself, it makes a big difference to work with someone like Faris who understands what it is like to be an introverted businessperson in a fast-paced, extroverted world. He is patient, kind, compassionate and always willing to listen. I feel like he really gets me. Working with him has been inspiring and exciting, and I can't wait to see where else our work together will take me.

Zuleika Sgro - VP, Retail - Saje Natural Wellness

Zuleika Sgro

VP, Retail - Saje Natural Wellness

The People and Culture team had the pleasure of participating in the quite leadership workshop delivered by Faris. It was a phenomenal way to connect on styles of leadership and enhance our teams communication and capabilities of supporting each other and our awesome culture at Saje. Faris adapted his facilitation style to make the session feel easy, fun and open. We all walked away with key learnings. I would highly recommend this workshop and can't imagine a better facilitator on the topic other than Faris.

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Lana Nahawi

Co-Active Coach

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Navi Gill

Certified Coach & Holistic Wellness Specialist

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Susan Woodward

Medical Intuitive - Reiki Practitioner - Writer


Lucy Gregory


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Georgina Lohan


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Kimberly Way

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Beth Payne

Beth Payne 

Global Health Informatician

Cher Duyzer

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Project Manager - PMP chez Central 1 Credit Union


Sandra Hofmann

Mentorship Coordinator - BC Talents from France

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Program and Events Manager

A wonderful coach!I really enjoyed and looked forward to my coaching sessions with Faris. I had the feeling that I had known him for so long because he's so easy to connect and feel comfortable with. He was extremely supportive and consistently championed me throughout what has been a tough career transition, always making me aware of the positive perspective that I had easily overlooked at such a time! A wonderful coach! I will surely touch base with him again soon. 


I really enjoy the energy Faris brings to his work! I have known Faris for a few years from Rhodes and have had the pleasure of a taking a Conscious Business workshop with him.I really enjoy the energy Faris brings to his work, he's always enthusiastic and bringing new knowledge to his workshops. He's not only great at what he does professionally but personally he's incredibly caring and takes his time to listen in order to understand before offering his feedback or a solution.


I have struggled with being an introvert most of my life and Faris, with his expert branding and coaching techniques, has helped me to uncover my full potential and shine my light brightly. Faris has enhanced my social media presence with savvy marketing and advertising ideas. He is an authentic, compassionate, and people conscious man that helped pave the way to success with my new business. Faris, thank you, thank you, thank you, for guiding me to a new level of understanding of who I am as a conscious entrepreneur, and enhancing my foundation of growing my business ethically. I couldn't have done it without you!


Faris's knowledge is a must!An evening talk on the traits and tendencies of introverts. With tips and discussion surrounding how introverts can become better leaders, Faris's knowledge is a must! We're all a little bit introverted, let's be honest :)


A person of integrity and thoughtful insight I highly recommend his services, as I am very satisfied with the result for my business. A person of integrity and thoughtful insight, Faris Khalifeh was very organized and able to move me efficiently through the process of rebranding. What is more, he made the process surprisingly enjoyable! I highly recommend his services, as I am very satisfied with the result for my business. Thanks for all your help Faris!”


Faris is an incredibly talented Quiet Leadership Coach! He has helped me to honour my quiet, authentic self and brand my coaching and counselling business from the heart.


Thanks for sharing your wisdom Faris! It was a great talk. I've already started to put some of your tips about scheduling into practice


Working with Faris to develop my brand didn’t feel like work at all!  Ideas and concepts that truly aligned with me so naturally evolved throughout our conversations. His unique coaching approach combined with his incredible experience had me at hello. I couldn’t have come this far without him and he continues to be my go to expert as I continue to build and develop my brand.


I attended to a presentation about Quiet Leadership done by Faris. It was great and very helpful. Faris provided us with very practical tips on how to lead while being introvert but also how to manage introvert people. Faris went to the essential to help us better understand how introvert people works and being one of them, I will definitely benefit from this session. Thank you again Faris for this great presentation!


Thank you Faris for this great workshop!
Faris facilitated a workshop about Quiet Leadership for our members and everyone was unanimous: it was great! Faris shared useful tips on how introverts can be great leaders and the misconceptions we may have about them. We all learned a lot and we will benefit from this session without any doubt!


I did a course on Business and Marketing with Faris through Rhodes Wellness College. I had lots of fun and I learned a lot about myself and what I want to do with my counselling career moving forward. I found Faris to be thoughtful, kind and caring, and he really knows his stuff.


I invited Faris to speak at Kabuni Academy which is a series of professional development workshops, designed to empower Vancouver’s creative entrepreneurs to be successful. His workshop, ‘Quiet Leadership: Why Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs', was very interesting and allowed attendees to consider how they might use their strengths as introverts to challenge the idea that leaders have to be loud and assertive. Faris geared the workshop to our community flawlessly - he was an excellent presenter and engaged with each attendee on a personal level throughout the event. He is truly an expert in his field and I would highly recommend him as a mentor or speaker.