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A Quiet Mind for Quiet Leaders in a Busy World

  • L'Atelier 319 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H6 Canada (map)

One of our strengths as introverts is our ability to be quiet, allowing us to listen, be reflective and notice things others may not. But being quiet and having a quiet mind are not the same thing. Introverts, although seemingly calm from the outside, are not immune to an active mind, stress or anxiety.

In an age of distraction and technology speeding up, now is a time where a quiet mind is needed more than ever. Through meditation, we cultivate a valuable skill for every aspect of life, the ability to quiet our mind. A still and quiet mind allows us to live and work with more inner peace, clarity and creativity, to recharge more effectively, while deepening connections with family and friends.

In this talk you will learn how many of the inherent traits of introverts are a stepping stone to something more profound. We will do various exercises, including meditate, to take this from a theoretical idea to something very tangible and practical.