Introvert-Extrovert Spectrum

Do you know where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum? Are you oriented more towards the outer world or the inner world? Do you get more energy when you are around people or by yourself?

The more preference you have towards stimulating environment the more extroverted you are and vice versa. 

Whether you fall in the extrovert or introvert category (or somewhere between), it can have a significant influence on your career choice, relationships and overall lifestyle. 

One type isn't "better" than the other. Each tendency can have benefits and drawbacks depending on the situation. By better understanding your personality, however, you can learn how to play to your strengths.

Conscious Business for Introvert Solopreneurs Workshop

Last day of the "Conscious Business for Introvert Solopreneurs" 7 day workshop! 

I had a fantastic time with these talented coaches, counsellors and therapists. It was so energizing seeing the evolution of their business ideas.

We went through the Conscious Business for Introvert Solopreneurs 4-step program:

STEP 1 UNCOVER: the group examined and explored their values and strengths. Created their Why, How and What.

STEP 2 CREATE: built a business plan based on what was uncovered in STEP 1. Which included their services, niche, USP, fees, KPIs among other key elements.

STEP 3 COMMUNICATE: created strategies and tactics on how to communicate their unique and authentic message that is based on their values and purpose.

STEP 4 MAINTAIN: learnt about how to monitor the business progress and KPIs and how to quickly tweak and adapt when necessary (which is inspired by The Lean Startup Model)

The introvert-extrovert spectrum

Some think an introvert is a shy person or anti-social. That's a misconception. 

I am an introvert and very social and consider my self a connector. However I need to be alone before and after socializing to recharge, to be fully present and comfortable while talking to people. 

I do workshops all the time presenting to large audiences and I'm comfortable doing that. After the workshops, I need my alone time in a quiet environment with no stimulations to recharge. 

According to Susan Cain: Introverts have a preference for a quiet, more minimally stimulating environment. Introverts tend to enjoy quiet concentration, listen more than they talk, and think before they speak, and have a more circumspect and cautious approach to risk. Introverts think more, are less reckless and focus on what really matters—relationships and meaningful work. 

Conversely, extroverts are energized by social situations and tend to be assertive multi-taskers who think out loud and on their feet. 

In a nutshell introverts recharge by being alone. Extroverts recharge by being around people and stimulating environments.