Conscious Business for Introvert Solopreneurs Workshop

Last day of the "Conscious Business for Introvert Solopreneurs" 7 day workshop! 

I had a fantastic time with these talented coaches, counsellors and therapists. It was so energizing seeing the evolution of their business ideas.

We went through the Conscious Business for Introvert Solopreneurs 4-step program:

STEP 1 UNCOVER: the group examined and explored their values and strengths. Created their Why, How and What.

STEP 2 CREATE: built a business plan based on what was uncovered in STEP 1. Which included their services, niche, USP, fees, KPIs among other key elements.

STEP 3 COMMUNICATE: created strategies and tactics on how to communicate their unique and authentic message that is based on their values and purpose.

STEP 4 MAINTAIN: learnt about how to monitor the business progress and KPIs and how to quickly tweak and adapt when necessary (which is inspired by The Lean Startup Model)

Re-reading The Introvert Entrepreneur

Re-reading The Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth Buelow again. Did you know that research found that introverts have naturally high cortical arousal, which means they reach their stimulation saturation point much more quickly than extroverts.